We are still here

Last week an ASRC staff member tested positive for COVID-19 and as a precautionary measure we closed our centre in Footscray until further notice. We’re looking forward to opening again when it’s safe to do so.

But despite the centre being physically closed, the ASRC remains open to support people seeking asylum.

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, the ASRC’s services are operating 100% offsite so people can still get the critical help they need. Because for people without income or access to government safety nets, the ASRC is one of their only lifelines and people are depending on us to be here for them.

Since closing the centre our phones have not gone unanswered. We continue to remotely manage a high volume of calls from people in crisis and we have found new ways to ensure people get the help they need.

With the centre closed, we were unable to operate our Foodbank or deliver the food packages families were relying on. But thanks to the support you’ve provided us, we’ve been able to provide $65,000 worth of digital grocery vouchers to the vulnerable families who were relying on us to support them with their fortnightly food and groceries this week. 

It’s thanks to your support and generosity over the past few months that we were able to do this.

And it’s just one such example of where your support has made a real impact on ensuring our services continue, no matter what comes our way.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of the people seeking asylum who access our services, we’ve been preparing for all contingencies to ensure the continuity of our most critical services.

We’ve implemented teleservices for our legal, health, housing, employment and casework programs and have been transitioning our staff and volunteer workforce to provide services from home.

This is what your support makes possible.

Backed by our community of compassion, we will continue to stand together to deliver on our mission to support and empower people seeking asylum. Centre closures will never change that.

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