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ASVET Information for Training Providers

The Asylum Seeker Vocational Education and Training (ASVET) program is a Victorian State Government funded initiative which supports eligible people seeking asylum, and refugees, to gain access to Skills First Victoria VET courses.

The ASVET initiative covers applicants who wish to complete VCE, Foundation Studies, and VET Certificate levels 1 to IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Applicants undertaking VCE, or courses at Certificate levels 1 to IV, are eligible for a subsidised Skills First place, as well as a concessional tuition fee rate.

Applicants undertaking diplomas are eligible for a Government-subsidised place with tuition fees at the domestic student rate. Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas do not have concession rates.

Eligibility – Important Update

New: ASVET eligibility explained

The Asylum Seeker VET program is changing. The program is now available to more asylum seekers in a more flexible way.

From 1 July 2023, eligibility to participate in the Asylum Seeker VET program is for individuals or dependants of individuals, who:

● hold any humanitarian, protection, or refugee visa in Australia, or
● have applied for a humanitarian, protection or refugee visa and hold a bridging visa for this purpose, or
● have made an application under s.417 or s.48b of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) which is yet to be determined and hold a bridging visa.

Individuals must have study rights, and work rights are required for programs that include work placement.

All applicants must:

● have a proficient level of English to participate in the chosen course

● be able to pay for: course concession fees (where applicable), course materials, student amenity fees, and transport costs

● live in Victoria

For any further eligibility requirements or limitations please check your Skills First contract, or contact your contract manager at the DET.

Verification process

There are 3 ways you can check eligibility to participate:

  1. If you’re registered with the Department of Home Affairs to use the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system, you can ask the student for permission to check the type of visa they hold and the status of their study and work rights.
  2. You can accept a VEVO record that a student has generated themselves. You’ll need to check that the details on the record match the name, date of birth and document number of their foreign passport or Immicard.
  3. You can accept a letter of referral from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).

When a student has a bridging visa, RTOs need to cite additional evidence that they’re applying for a humanitarian, protection, or refugee visa or making an application under s.417 or s.48b of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth).


Skills First Victoria
As part of the ASVET initiative, all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) – including TAFEs, Learn Locals and Private RTOs – are able to directly enrol eligible people to access subsidised places.

The ASRC can provide eligible applicants with a letter of referral if requested.

The ASRC VET program is also providing advice to people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas on  possible course options.

Free TAFE  for Priority courses

  • People seeking asylum, and refugees, who are eligible for Skills First training, will also be able to access free tuition in priority non-apprenticeship courses, delivered through TAFEs across the state.
  • Further government-subsidised apprenticeship pathway courses (sometimes called pre-apprenticeships) will also be free to eligible people seeking asylum.